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Fire Surrounds

Framing any Electric Fire or Gas Fire should be a beautiful Fire Surround.  

Complimenting and enhancing, they go hand in hand to create, one amazing design piece. 

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Complete Fire Surrounds, Birmingham

Complete Fire Surrounds

Complete Fire Surrounds  -  Don’t want the hassle of buying each part of your fireplace separately, Complete Fire Surrounds include the hearth, back panel, surround and of course the fire itself, making the installation easy.

Inglenook Fire Surrounds, Birmingham

Inglenook Fire Surrounds

Inglenook Fire Surrounds - Add a statement to your room with an open Inglenook Fire Surround.  Inglenook is the name for the large space found either side of very large and open fireplaces, traditional found in pubs and old homes.

Fire Surrounds, Birmingham

Fire Surrounds

Fire Surround - Add charm and character to any room in your house with a Fire Surround.  Available in Wood, Limestone and Micro Marble and numerous designs to suit your own personal taste and budget.

Wooden Fire Surrounds, Birmingham

Wooden Fire Surrounds

Wooden Fire Surrounds - It's easy to understand why wooden surrounds are continuously popular in residential properties.  They are incessantly stylish whether you're looking for a modern or archaic style.  Wooden surrounds use natural wood to recreate a natural surrounding.

Limestone Fire Surrounds, Birmingham

Limestone Fire Surrounds

Limestone Fire Surrounds - To create a graceful limestone centrepiece, the quarried stone is expertly selected, cut, carved and polished to give your room a splendid feature.  Limestone has been sought after down the ages due to its adaptability. It naturally looks right with everything.

Micro Marble Fire Surrounds, Birmingham

Micro Marble Fire Surrounds

Micro Marble Fire Surrounds - Possessing all of the charm of natural marble, micro marble offers a guaranteed even surface and strength to withstand wear and tear in the home.

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